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From 1 Month to 1 Year of Email Traffic Daily!

One of my valued customers ordered a 1 Month TSA and after receiving just 37 clicks I received this message from him via email:

Hello Phillip! Thank you. I earned A $22.00 sale so far. I received 13 subscribers so far. I will be ordering a Top Sponsor Ad for a year. Thank you. Have a great day! Karim

As a Solo Seller and Internet Marketer I send a lot of emails to my large lists. Every day I send mailings to 10's of 1000's of subscribers that are very much interested in making money online and internet marketing products and services. In fact I send hundreds of mailings per month and get thousands of emails opened and links clicked.

Typically to get your offer into one of my email messages you would need to purchase a solo mailing and pay for a certain amount of clicks which are simply visitors to your offer. The price of a solo is based on the cost per click which varies from 25 cents to 60 cents per click depending on several factors of the mailing that you are interested in. That can get expensive and may be out of reach for many new marketers that are operating on a shoestring budget.

I have determined that this is a problem that needed to be addressed and that's how I came up with the idea for the Top Sponsor Email Ad Rotator.

A Top Sponsor Ad is just as it sounds. It is an Advertisement that is displayed at the TOP of an email message and the Rotator does just one thing and one thing only. It simply rotates evenly the ads that are displayed in the email messages. One mailing can get many views of each ad because of the built in rotation of the ad URL's.

Here's an example of how it works:

Let's keep the numbers low and even just to keep the math simple :)

Let's say I send a mailing to one of my lists that has 20,000 subscribers. There are 2 ads in the rotator to be rotated for this mailing.

Let's say that only 5% of the subscribers open the mailing so that's 1000 opens. So from that number alone you can see that 500 people will see each of the 2 ads as they are rotated evenly for each email that is opened. The first open see's ad #1 and the second open see's ad #2. Then the 3rd open will see ad #1 and so on and so forth.

Now keep in mind that 'opens' are just that, an opened email. That only means your ad has now been viewed by the subscriber since it is at the very top of the message. It does NOT mean that your website has been viewed. That requires a click on the link that is inside of the email message.

But if only 10% of the 500 people that see your ad (link) should decide to click on it for more information, you would get 50 clicks to your offer from one mailing.

Now that's not a HUGE amount of clicks from a mailing but that's only the beginning because there are many more factors to consider.


  1. There are more than 1 ad displayed at a time (3 to 5 single line ads may be displayed) so your ad may be seen more than just 50% of the time
  2. More or less people may decide to click on your offer with every mailing (40% would be 200 clicks and 1% would be 5 clicks)
  3. Your ad will be rotated for a minimum of 1 month (It could run up to a full YEAR!)
  4. There will be hundreds of mailings per month (50 clicks x 100 mailings = 5,000 clicks!)
  5. You don't pay by the click and the starting price for 1 month of rotation for your ad is just $10 so even if you just got 50 clicks total for the month you would only pay 20 cents per click which is less than the cheapest price per click for a solo ad I offer! The longer your ad runs the lower the price per month so you can save big time by ordering the 3 month, 6 month or 1 year package.
  6. I will provide you with a tracking stats URL so you can always see up to date stats for your TSA.


So that's how it works.

It's extremely simple, responsive and very cost effective advertising. Yes, I have tested it and it works great!

You can change the ad at any time by contacting me and providing the new link to promote. I will change the ad for you whithin 24 hours of your request. Usually it will be a lot faster than that but I do have to sleep some time and I do have a life outside of the office, lol :)


Here's what a Top Sponsor Ad may look like (Example Only - Links Not Active):


>> Would You Like to Get Paid Each and Every Day

>> Build a Membership Site Fast, Easy and FREE!

>> No Experience Needed to Make Money With This

So if you would like to have your ad rotated and displayed at the TOP of the hundreds of emails I send each and every month then just choose a package below and let's get this party started!


NOTE: Your Top Sponsor Ads WILL NOT be displayed in solo ads that I mail for my customers. TSA's are included in my personal promotions, follow up messages and other promotional emails I send.

Also, this is intended to provide traffic from ALL of my lists so there will be no redirecting of clicks by default. This means that you may get clicks from countries world wide.

If you only want traffic from certain countries please let me know in the 'NOTE to Seller' section of the order form during checkout. Please keep in mind that while this option may provide you with higher quality traffic it may also seriously LIMIT the amount of clicks you get.


Your Traffic Starts within 12 Hours!


Normally your Top Sponsor Ad will be set up and receiving traffic within 12 hours. It can take up to 24 hours to be approved and set up under extreme circumstances but usually traffic will start in less than 12 hours. You will receive an update of your order receipt via email with the tracking stats URL inside once your ad is live and receiving traffic.

So get in now and let this set it and forget it advertising pull in clicks and visits to your offer on autopilot day after day, week after week and month after month.

Now let's take a look at everything you get with a Top Sponsored Email Ad Package


  • Your offer/website URL added to the Top Sponsor Email Ad Rotator
  • Your ad rotated among hundreds of email messages per month
  • Your ad rotated for 1, 3, or 6 months or even for 1 FULL year!
  • Low cost starting at just $10 for 1 full month of traffic
  • Change your link/offer at anytime
  • Traffic starts within 12 hours (usually much faster than that)


I look forward to working with you. Please choose your package below:

1 Month of Email Traffic

Just $10

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3 Months of Email Traffic

Just $27

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6 Months of Email Traffic

Just $42

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1 FULL Year of Email Traffic

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I appreciate your business and wish you much success with this promotion.