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Total Control Solo Ad Packages

Take FULL control of your solo ads and never lose another Click, Optin or Sale!

I'm changing the way solo ads are delivered by giving you 'Total Control' of your traffic as the advertiser.

When you pay for clicks and visits what you're really buying are the results you get from those clicks and visits and by taking 'Total Control' you can maximize your traffic and dramatically increase your optin and sales conversions. 

Promote up to 5 different offers with 1 Total Control Solo Ad!

Read on to discover...

How Solo Ads Really Work!

A behind the scenes look and how you can take Total Control...

It all begins with the tracking link! 

If you've ever purchased a solo ad from any vendor you know that there will always be a tracking link created. This is of course how the vendor knows when they have delivered the clicks that were purchased and they can send the customer the click stats detailing the delivery as proof of completing the order. 

This is so common place that solo customers just expect it and don't think much about it other than verifying whether or not they got what they paid for.

However, there is much more that goes on behind the scenes with tracking links that don't benefit you... until NOW!

Redirecting Your Traffic:

One thing that you may or may not know is how the solo vendor can manipulate the traffic as it comes into the tracking link they create for you. There are many processes that take place behind the scenes that benefit the solo vendor, and NOT necessarily the customer.

For example, if you expect 90% or more Tier 1 clicks as the customer the tracking link will make sure that you get it by redirecting Non-Tier 1 clicks as needed to any link that the solo vendor wants. So you never see those clicks on your link and they never visit your offer.

This means that you would get 10% or more Non-Tier 1 traffic to your main offer and likely LOSE another 10% or more Non-Tier 1 clicks that get redirected.

Since you want as much Tier 1 traffic as possible this may seem like it's no big deal...


What if you could get 100% Tier 1 traffic to your Main Offer and send all redirected traffic to a different offer of YOUR choice? You would still get the purchased Tier 1 traffic to your main offer AND not lose any Non-Tier 1 clicks.

Would you do it?

I think maybe you would because you would still get the expected amount of clicks to your main offer (100% Tier 1) and you would get ALL redirected clicks to another URL of your choice as well. In the example above that would be an additional 10% to 20% EXTRA clicks.

You could send this EXTRA traffic to:

Your own website or blog and get paid when they click on your ads (adsense or other network)

Your facebook page to increase likes and shares of your content,

A low cost ($1 to $7) affiliate offer or offer of your own for possible extra sales and revenue

A squeeze page (recommended) so you can send this list FREE and low cost offers on a regular basis

Or any other page of your choice. Be creative and you'll see the benefits this can have for your business.

This would basically be BONUS traffic on top of your original order!

That's what you get with my Total Control Traffic Packages.

Believe it or not, Non-Tier 1 traffic doesn't always mean Non-Responsive. In fact, 7 out of my top 10 solo customers are from Tier 2 countries. These are the top 10 customers based on the total amount spent on my solo services.


What about repeat clicks to your tracking link?

Most visitors won't visit your offer multiple times but some will and most solo vendors will let you get those repeat clicks to your main offer which do not count toward the purchased amount of unique clicks that you paid for. In this case these clicks may result in optins or sales that you would not have received if the repeat clicks were not sent back to your main offer.


Some vendors however, will redirect these repeat clicks to another link of THEIR choice such as possibly another solo ad they are delivering for another customer. This maximizes the clicks for the vendor but NOT you as the customer.

With my Total Control solo ads you will have the option to put these redirect oportunities to use in your favor:

You will have the option to provide a Backup URL so that Non-Tier 1 traffic will be sent to YOUR link, not mine!

You will also have the option to either send the repeat clicks back to your main offer or provide another link to send them to. The choice is YOURS.

This way YOU can maximize all of the traffic that comes into your tracking link for YOUR benefit.

These options are offered at no extra charge during the purchase of your Total Control Solo Ad and allows you to send traffic to up to 3 different URL's with just ONE Solo Mailing.


These are not the only ways solo vendors may be redirecting the traffic that YOU paid for. There are many other ways vendors can take advantage of YOUR traffic.

Now YOU can leverage a couple of these options for yourself as you'll see in the Premium Add-on section below!

Premium Add-on Options

Stop wasting paid traffic!

Exit Redirect

If the landing page of your Main Offer doesn't get the visitor to take the desired action then you're wasting traffic and losing optins and possible sales every time someone leaves. The odds of them coming back are slim at best.

So if they're gonna leave anyway why not have them immediately redirected to another offer of YOUR choice?

With my Total Control Solo Ads you have the option to add an Exit Redirect on ANY page. Just choose the Exit Redirect Add-on and provide the link you want to promote. When the visitor attempts to leave the page of your Main Offer it will automatically redirect to the new offer.

This gives you a second chance to grab their attention and possibly get a conversion that you would have otherwise lost!

Example: If you get 40% optins that's great but it also means that the other 60% left your offer without taking action!

Why not show them a second offer as they leave?

This Premium Add-on costs just $2 per 100 clicks ordered. 

This gives you yet another way to capture as much of the traffic you paid for as possible!

See Demo Exit Redirect on

How about some REAL scarcity?

Timer Rediect

Want to boost your conversions? Then choose to add a timer to your page. This is done behind the scenes and will overlay on ANY webpage, even if you don't own the page yourself. When a timer is present and counting down it forces your visitors make a decision more quickly than if there's no reason to hurry or worry about the offer going away.

The timer will also immediately redirect to a new offer once the time runs out. Even if the visitor leaves the page your timer will continue to count down and once it hits zero it will automatically redirect to your new offer should that visitor return!

This makes the scarcity REAL and any repeat visitors will over time know that your offers are REALLY time limited!

The timer will be set for 11 minutes or more.

To get one added to your Main Offer page just choose the Timer Add-on during checkout and that's it. I'll add the timer for you and every visitor will see a countdown when they click through the tracking link to your offer.

This Premium Add-on costs just $2 per 100 clicks ordered. 

(Let the 1 minute timer in the Demo below run out to see the auto redirect in action - then leave the page and return to see it again - pretty cool stuff!)

See a Demo Timer Redirect on

Here's EXACTLY what you get when you take Total Control...

Each Premium List used for these Total Control solo ads:

  • Produced a minimum of 30% sales reported from recent mailings (from approximately last 100 mailings - does NOT guarantee sales)
  • Adds a minimum of 200 new leads daily to keep them fresh (most have 500 or more added daily)
  • Are segmented into MLM/Make Money Online/Business Opportunity/Internet Marketing/Work at Home niches for precise targeting for your offer
  • Will be Highly Targeted to these Premium segmented lists to provide the BEST audience to match your offer for increased conversions
  • Are optimized for list building with 30% to 60% optin rate on average (varies depending on the offer promoted) because list building provides you with your own traffic source that you can email repeatedly to get MORE sales! FACT: MOST sales come from followup and broadcast email messages sent to a responsive email subscriber llist.

Here's what is included in each Total Control Solo Ad Package

Every Total Control Solo Ad will deliver the following:

  • 100% Tier 1 Unique Visitors - Every visitor to your main offer will be from these Tier 1 countries (USA, CA, AU, UK and New Zealand)
  • Minimum of 10% Over-delivery with every order
  • Buyers list is included with EVERY mailing (However, this does NOT guarantee sales)
  • 100% PURE Email Traffic - all visitors will be from email clicks on your link (STRICTLY NO Popups - NO "Pop Unders" - NO Bots)
  • Professionally written ad copy for your mailing is done for you or you can provide your own ad copy. Your choice.
  • Starts within 24 to 48 hours - Your solo mailing will usually start within 24 to 48 hours of your purchase, sometimes within just a few hours but this is NOT guaranteed
  • Completed Quickly - Your mailing will be completed as quickly as possible (Most within 48 to 96 hours of mailing)
  • Receive 1 Reward Point ($1 value) per 100 clicks purchased for use on future orders. You can save up to 100 Reward Points to be used on a single purchase or use'em as you get'em, The choice is yours :)
  • Redirect URL Option for Non-Tier 1 Clicks (send Non-Tier 1 traffic to ANY page you like - sales page, affiliate offers, squeeze page, etc.)
  • Redirect URL Option for Repeat Clicks (Send them back to your main offer or to a new offer - A Squeeze page is recommended for new offers) 

You Also Get Completely Optional Premium Upgrade Opportunities...

Premium Upgrade Options:

  • 100% USA Traffic - additional 10 cents per click  - When you get ONLY USA traffic to your main offer, ANY other Tier 1 Countries will be redirected to your Backup URL along with Non-Tier 1 clicks (USA Only clicks may take longer to deliver)
  • Exit Redirect URL - additional $2 per 100 clicks ordered (send your exit traffic to ANY offer you choose)
  • Timer Redirect URL - additional $2 per 100 clicks ordered (send to ANY offer you choose)

Choose Your Total Control Solo Ad Package Below

To place your order simply select the desired Click Amount below then on the following page provide your Links to Promote, Ad Copy if you have your own and select any desired Premium Upgrade options then click Add to Cart.

100 Click Total Control Solo Ad Package

100% Tier 1 Visitors
10% Over-delivery
Buyers list included 
100% Email Traffic Only
Starts in 24 to 48 hours
Completed quickly
Get 1 Reward Point
Non-Tier 1 Redirect
Repeat Click Redirect

Premium Add-on Upgrade Options

65 Cents Per Click!

Just $65

200 Click Total Control Solo Ad Package

100% Tier 1 Visitors
10% Over-delivery
Buyers list included
100% Email Traffic Only
Starts in 24 to 48 hours
Completed quickly
Get 2 Reward Points 
Non-Tier 1 Redirect
Repeat Click Redirect

Premium Add-on Upgrade Options

64 Cents Per Click! 

Just $128

300 Click Total Control Solo Ad Package

100% Tier 1 Visitors
10% Over-delivery
Buyers list included
100% Email Traffic Only
Starts in 24 to 48 hours
Completed quickly
Get 3 Reward Points  
Non-Tier 1 Redirect
Repeat Click Redirect

Premium Add-on Upgrade Options

63 Cents Per Click!

Just $189

500 Click Total Control Solo Ad Package

100% Tier 1 Visitors
10% Over-delivery
Buyers list included
100% Email Traffic Only
Starts in 24 to 48 hours
Completed quickly
Get 5 Reward Points  
Non-Tier 1 Redirect
Repeat Click Redirect

Premium Add-on Upgrade Options

62 Cents Per Click1  

Just $310

NOTE: I will only send this Premium traffic to a Lead Capture/Squeeze Page as the Main Offer - Sales Pages will NOT be accepted as the Main Offer but are permitted as Redirects

Earnings Discalimer: There is no promise or representation that you will make a certain amount of money, or any money, or not lose money, as a result of using our products and services. Any earnings, revenue, or income statements are strictly estimates. There is no guarantee that you will make these levels for yourself. As with any business, your results will vary and will be based on your personal abilities, experience, knowledge, capabilities, level of desire, and an infinite number of variables beyond our control, including variables we or you have not anticipated. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. Each person's results will vary. There are unknown risks in any business, particularly with the Internet where advances and changes can happen quickly. The use of our information, products and services should be based on your own due diligence and you agree that we are not liable for your success or failure

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