Why Spend Your Money On Buying Traffic When Optin Subscribers Are What You Really Want?

Only Pay for Subscribers with My 'Results Driven Traffic Packages!

First things first. Let's see if you qualify for this...

If You Can Answer YES to the Following 2 Questions Then You Can Use These 'Results Driven' Traffic Packages to Strategically Build Your List:

  1. Do you have your own paid autoresponder account? (Getresponse, Aweber, Mailchimp, etc.)

  2. Does your squeeze page use an optin form from your autoresponder account that YOU can edit?

If you answered YES to both of the questions above then you're likely eligible to use my 'Results Driven' Pay Per Subscriber traffic services.

If you could NOT answer YES to either of those questions you still may be eligible. Contact me first to find out!


This is Much More Cost Effective Than A Solo Ad
(Let's Have a Look at Some Numbers!)

If you buy a 100 click solo for 40 cents per click you would spend $40 and if you get the elusive industry average optin conversion of 40% you would get 40 subscribers. So each subsciber would have cost you $1 (One US Dollar).

Not too shabby right?

Well, let's see what happens if you only get 30% conversion and end up with 30 subscribers. That would cost you $1.33 per subscriber or, if you get 25% optin rate each subscriber would cost you a whopping $1.60 each and (just one more I promise) should you only get 20% optin rate, which is not unusual for some Biz Ops, each lead would have a price tag of $2 which is still not terrible for a very high ticket opportunity but...

...I bet you'd rather only pay $1 each right?

If you've ever used solo advertising then you know that the optin rate can vary greatly from seller to seller and even with the same seller and the same offer so you never really know just exactly how much you will end up paying per subscriber and...

...Solo sellers usually don't guarantee any certain conversion rate!

Of course most of them, myself included will work with their customers if they get terrible results but they don't have to. So you can literally spend money on Solo Traffic and get pretty much nothing to show for it sometimes.

That's why paying for subscribers makes much more sense. You'll know in advance exactly how many subscribers you will get and how much they will cost you. Also, since these leads come in through your own funnel and go into your own autoresponder they are fresh and hot leads for your specific offer.

The beauty of this is that you only pay for what you really want, which is subscribers and leads and since you know exactly how many you will get and how much each one costs to acquire, you can spend your precious advertising dollars much more effectively this way.

Think about it. Would you prefer to pay for a bunch of folks visiting your offer with uncontrollable conversions and costs or pay for a bunch of folks visiting your offer with FULL control of the conversions and costs?

I'm pretty sure I know your answer :)

Now you know WHY this is a great advantage for you and your list building efforts so let's move on and take a look at what makes it tick...


Here's how it works:

In order to provide this service we have to do just a ONE TIME SETUP before I get started delivering subscribers to you. The setup process is very easy and once it has been completed I will begin delivering your subscribers.

NOTE: If you need help with the setup I will do it for you at no extra charge

The reason set up is required is because as the seller I can't see inside of your autoresponder to know when you have received subscribers to your list and even if I could I wouldn't really know if they came from my traffic or not.

But fortunately this can be taken care of very easily.

Once the setup is completed I will be able to track the traffic I send to your offer and I will know when someone opts in to your list through my tracking link as well. It's really easy to set up and will be well worth the effort.

It's as easy as:

  • Place Your Order and Provide 2 Links
  • Edit One Link in Your Autoresponder Optin Form
  • Sit Back and Watch Your List Grow

It's so simple to do.

You place your order and provide the 'Link to Promote' which typically is your 'Squeeze Page' just as you normally would with a solo ad purchase...

...BUT, you will ALSO need to provide a link to the page that you want your new subscriber to see after they optin to your list.

This may be a simple download page, a sales page for a biz op or a one time offer that pulls them into your sales funnel. In other words, it will most likely be a link to the same page that your subscribers see now when they optin from your squeeze page.

Of course, ANY link you want to send them to after opting into YOUR list will be just fine. Afterall, it's YOUR funnel :)

We'll call this link the 'Target URL'.


Now In order to track the delivery of your subscribers I will need to place a piece of code called a 'tracking pixel' on a simple html 'Redirect Page' that I will create to use with your funnel. This page will thank your new subscriber for signing up and it will automatically redirect to the 'Target URL' in a few seconds.

There will also be a link on that page that leads to the 'Target URL' you have provided.

Here's an example of how this page fits into the setup:


I will upload the 'Redirect Page' to my server and provide you with the URL to it so you can edit your autoresponders optin form. Simply set the optin form to send all new subscribers to the 'Redirect Page' URL immediately after they optin to your list. (Once again, if you need help with this step I can set it up for you)

Once the optin form has been edited you will then let me know so I can test everything and begin fulfilling your order.

Now at this point the set up is complete so...

I will create a tracking link and begin to send traffic through it to your 'Squeeze Page'.

Now when someone visits your squeeze page through my tracking link and chooses to optin they will be sent immediately to my 'Redirect Page' and the tracking pixel will fire and the optin will be tracked in my tracking stats.

Once the subscriber lands on the 'Redirect Page' they'll see a 'Thanks for subscribing' message and be instructed to click the 'Target URL' link to continue which will send them to the offer you want them to see.

Should they not click the link within a few seconds, the 'Redirect Page' will automatically send them to the 'Target URL' anyway.

Note: This system will only track single optin subscribers. So if you use double optin I will NOT be tracking the confirmation so the actual amount of confirmed subscribers you get added to your list will likely be considerably different than my single optin stats. Just be aware that only the single optins count toward your order.

When ordering you will be able to choose Worldwide Leads or Tier One Leads.


Why go through the trouble of this setup?

Here's why...

The FUNNEL will still be yours just as before which means the squeeze page is yours and you control the offers on the backend after optin. Nothing really changes except for the addition of the 'Redirect Page' that your new subscriber will see for just a few seconds.

Once the setup is completed and I begin sending traffic to your 'Squeeze Page'...

I'll be able to track the number of subscribers that I send to you and know when your order has been delivered and your new subscribers will still see the backend of your funnel after they signup.

One extra benefit to this setup is that you will have a few seconds to thank them for signing up and remind them to look for emails from you. That may be something that you can't do right now depending on the way your funnel is currently configured. Win-Win!


You can still send traffic to this funnel from any source you want and it will not affect my tracking stats at all since only clicks that visit your funnel through my tracking link will fire the tracking pixel on the 'Redirect Page'.

So different traffic sources can be used at the same time without affecting the tracking of optins from my own traffic. In other words, if you send traffic from a couple of solo ads at the same time I am delivering your subscriber order, their traffic and optins WILL NOT affect my tracking stats at all.

NOTE: The 'Redirect Page' is only used to fire the tracking pixel and redirect the subscriber to your 'Target URL' and nothing more. This delays the normal process of your funnel for just a few seconds.

Also, please note that I cannot see the email address of the subscribers being added to your list. I can only see that someone visited your funnel through my tracking link and then signed up and landed on the 'Redirect Page' to fire the tracking pixel.

So I will only know how many subscribers I personally send you as a result of the 'Redirect Page'.


Now this all may sound very complicated but it's really not and once it has been setup it can be used just like any other funnel and...

...when you want me to send you more optin subscribers in the future, the tracking pixel is already in place so no further set up would be required.


So let's review the what, why and how of this one more time:

  • You can choose Worldwide leads or Tier One Only leads when ordering
  • This is a more cost effective way to build a list than using solo ads or any other traffic
  • You only pay for subscribers/leads no matter how much traffic is required to get them
  • You will know in advance exactly how many subscribers you will get from your order
  • You will know in advance exactly how much each subscriber will cost to acquire
  • Your funnel remains intact with a short delay of just a few seconds to redirect
  • Multiple traffic sources can be used without interfering with the tracking
  • The setup process is as simple as editing a link in your autoresponder optin form
  • Once the setup is completed it will not be required for future orders
  • Not everyone qualifies for this service keeping it safe from saturation and manipulation
  • This completely removes optin conversion rates from the list building equation
  • You gain absolute control of your conversion rates and the cost of lead aquisition


Are You Ready to Get Started?


Here's how to order:

Click the Buy Button below and on the following page, simply choose a package from the drop down menu, paste the link that you want to promote into the 'Link to Promote' form field and paste the target URL into the 'Target URL' form field and click the yellow 'Add to Cart' button to make your secure payment.

NOTE: Please provide a direct link to your squeeze page as the link to promote. Some tracking links may not be approved! If your link can redirect traffic based on GEO Location or traffic type it will NOT be approved and I will request a new link to use. (Example: ClickMagick, Quality Click Control etc.)

Any attempt to manipulate the tracking system will result in the delivery of your order being stopped immediately and NO REFUND will be granted.

I will contact you within 24 hours with the Redirect Page URL and instructions for editing your optin form

Stop Paying For Traffic Alone And ONLY Pay For Subscribers With A 'Results Driven' Traffic Package Today!

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