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Dear Struggling Internet Marketer,


If you are building a list as I hope you are, then you will absolutely love this.

It's a fact that a list full of buyers is worth at least 10 times more than a list full of people who haven't purchased anything from you yet. In fact, in most cases a buyers list is often worth closer to 100 times more than a list of prospects, and here's why:

When someone purchases anything from you, even if they only spend $1, they are now in a vastly different mindset concerning their relationship with you and your products. They now have an OWNERSHIP mindset because they own one of your products, and because of this they are far, far more likely to purchase from you again and again and at higher and higher price points.

So what are the 8 magic words that increase the money in your list 10 fold or more?




In the beginning it doesn't really matter if they are spending $1 or $100. The important thing is they have crossed that threshold from prospect to buyer.

How do you get prospects to immediately buy?

The easiest way to accomplish this is to present them with an offer that they pretty much can't refuse immediately after they optin to get a Free lead magnet product. Remember, the goal here is NOT to make a lot of money or profit on these sales. The goal is to simply get them to buy something as quickly as possible.

For doing this I recommend a tried an true method.

Sell them a 'Product Package' at an unbelieveable price point so they are extremely tempted to buy it.

When you offer a package of 20 products or more, each with resale rights and a reseller website included for one super low price of $2 to $5, all it takes is for them to want just ONE of the products in the package to justify the purchase!

At that point, all of the other products become Bonuses in their eyes so it makes it really easy for them to pull out their wallet and give you their money.

Once they do that you now have a buyer!... And it get's better yet because you can also include an upsell immediately after they buy it that will make the 'Product Package' Much, Much MORE valuable to them.

The upsell is simply 'Master Resale Rights' to the entire package and they also get a copy of the sales page that made them buy the package from you in the first place. So they know that it works and this makes for a very impressive upsell message. They know it converts so they are eager to resell the package themselves rather than reselling each individual product or trying to create their own package offer. So they will gladly buy the upsell license at a reasonable price and...

That's where you'll make the bulk of your money from this system. You should make enough from this funnel to cover the cost of your traffic and possibly have some profit left over.

Just breaking even to get buyers onto your list is HUGE and well worth it. That's like building the BEST possible subscriber list absolutely FREE of charge and then everything you earn from marketing to that list from that point forward is just PURE PROFIT!

First you get a subscriber, then you get a buyer and finally you get a repeat buyer.

This is how to set up a funnel that will make you money consistently for months or even years to come from just doing what you are already doing... Building a List!

Now you may be thinking to yourself that this sounds great but you don't have access to products for the package or you don't know how to set this up for yourself or any other number of reasons why you can't make this happen and get started building your buyers list and making money in the process.


You of course can find products and figure out all of the details for yourself if you want to but there's no need because I have a complete done for you offer today.

  • I will provide 5 products to use as Lead Magnets
  • I will create 5 squeeze pages (1 for each lead magnet)
  • I will create 5 download pages (1 for each lead magnet)

This will give you 5 different entry points for your funnel and...

  • I will provide the products for the OTO Product Package
  • I will create the sales page for the OTO Product Package
  • I will create a download page for the OTO Product Package
  • I will create a registration page (for getting your customer onto your buyers list)


  • I will create the Upsell Resale License Sales Page
  • I will Create the Upsell Download Page
  • I will create a registration page (for getting your customer onto your buyers list)

and finally...

I will provide personal support, instruction, advise and assistance until your funnel is completely setup and fully functional.

This will give you a complete sales funnel that has been proven to work for me persoanlly for more than 8 years and if needed...

I will even host all of the webpages and products for you.

This of course is your choice. If you have a domain and hosting and want to host them yourself then you can of course do that too. It's entirely up to you.


So you will NOT need to:

  • Find products for the lead magnets or the Product Package
  • Create Squeeze Pages, Sales Pages and Download Pages
  • Upload and link the funnel pages together so it flows properly
  • Have a domain name or hosting account of your own
  • Go it alone because I will help you all of the way


All you will need to do is add your optin form and buy buttons to the pages and upload them to your server and I'll even help you with all of that if you don't know how to do it.

If I'm going to host the pages for you then I'll add the forms and buttons and upload the website and all of the products myself.

I will provide personal support for you with this product until it is set up and working properly.

I have been using this method to build my lists for the past 8 years and still do to this day because it simply works.

This 'Done for you' Package will only be available to 5 lucky marketers. The reason for this is to maximize the profits for all. I may offer more of these after all 5 from this promtion have been completed successfully.

This is a package that can be sold for months and years to come. It will only contain products that were created in the last 12 months and that will be evergreen for long-term value.

This package is NOT already created. This offer will be sold from now until the timer below runs out or 5 have been sold and then all sales will end. Once the sale ends I will begin creating each individual funnel on a first come, first serve basis. If all goes well, this will only take a few days.

Each funnel will be exclusive to it's owner. Although the product packages may share some of the same individual products, each package will be unique. I will do all of the product selection for the package and the lead magnets and build all of the webpages myself. This will NOT be outsourced to someone on Fiverr for a few bucks. I will personally put these together for you myself.


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I appreciate your business and wish you much success with this system.



All the best,

Phillip P. Brewer

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