Direct Email Funnel Click Packages

As a solo seller I have lists of hundreds of thousands of subscribers and I have begun sending daily emails to these lists specifically for getting traffic for this offer.

Each of these email messages will be offering a Free Product Download that does NOT have any strings attached such as the need to optin to get it. They will click the link in the email and go directly to the product download page. This alone will double if not triple the amount of visitors to these download pages.

This is the Direct Email part of the package and the Funnel Click part is where your offer will come in :)

On each of the download pages there will be 3 to 5 recommended products/offers and these will of course be the ad spots for my Direct Email Funnel Click customers.

These links/ads will be rotated evenly so that all of the offers are seen in each of the various locations on these pages. So your link may be seen in the top spot by one visitor and seen in the bottom spot another which insures that your link will be shown in all positions on the page.

This keeps the pricing as low as possible for these packages.

The best part is that you will NOT pay for every click. These packages will be sold on a monthly basis from $30 to $75 for 30 Days! There is NO LIMIT on how many clicks you may get but you will receive a minimum of 300 clicks and you'll very likely get much more than that.

This is just 10 to 30 Cents Per Click for the bare minimum of 300 clicks but... Based on how many of these packages are sold, you could possibly get 1000's of clicks for a one time payment. There are 3 packages to choose from which are the Standard Version and the Tier One Version and the USA Only Version.

The Standard Version will send clicks from any and all visitors to your link. This World Wide traffic has NO Countries blocked so you will get clicks from all over the world. The cost for a Standard 30 Day Package is just $30 which is $1 per day.

The Tier One Version will only send clicks from USA, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and New Zealand only. The Tier One Package cost is $60 or $2 per day for 30 days.

And finally, Last but not least is the USA Only Version which of course, will send USA traffic only to your link. The USA Only package costs $75 which is $2.50 per day for 30 days.

Your clicks will start within 24 hours after you place your order and you can order below and you can use Reward Points if you have'em and save even more.

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Standard Version

World Wide Traffic from All Countries
300 Minimum Clicks @ Just $1 Per Day

Click Here to Get It

Tier One Version

Tier One Traffic from: USA, Australia,
Canada and United Kingdom
300 Minimum Clicks @ Just $2 Per Day

Click Here to Get It

USA Only Version

United States of America Clicks Only
300 Minimum Clicks @ Just $2.50 Per Day

Click Here to Get It

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