Who Wants to Build A Highly Targeted List of Proven Buyers and Passively Promote Your Products, Your Business Opportunities and Your Favorite Affiliate Offers to It?

Oh Yeah, and You Can Do It All Without Buying ANY Traffic Unless You Want To!

Would Promoting Your Opportunity to Hot Buyers ONLY Get More Signups and Sales for You?

If you said "YES" then keep reading...

... Because I want to show you how to build a buyers only list AND I want to provide you with the EXCLUSIVE tools you will need to do it all at a price you can afford!

Hello Fellow Marketer,

Phillip P. Brewer here with a great opportunity to help you get more signups into your favorite business opportunity and of course MORE sales.

You have likely been promoting your Biz Op the same way everyone else does which probably looks something like this:

- You load up your autoresponder with follow up messages provided by the Biz Op
- You set up a squeeze page (provided for you) to get leads into your follow up sequence
- You set your Biz Op salespage as the Thankyou page to be seen after optin
- You buy Solo Traffic (or any other traffic) and send it to your squeeze page

So you're likely doing the above or something very similar. Am I right?

Now don't get me wrong, this will work for you and I'm not offering you a solution that will replace that model. You can continue to do this along side my solution if it's working for you.

What I have for you here is a MUCH BETTER version of what you're already doing.

Here's how it works:

It all begins with a similar funnel set up but with some VERY DIFFERENT aspects that change the whole dynamics of the end results you'll get.

In other words, you'll end up with a proven targeted buyer onto your list that will then receive your NEW and IMPROVED follow up sequence.

This System Works TWO Very Different Ways:

Method 1 - You promote this yourself just as you do your current funnel

Imagine this: You send traffic to a squeeze page that offers your prospect something that only gets their attention if they are interested in business opportunities online. This way they will only optin if they are very targeted to your opportunity.

Now they will only optin to get your FREE information if they are TRULY interested and once they do they are added as a 'LEAD' to your list that you're using now for your Biz Op.

But here's where it gets really different...

Once they optin they will see a Paid Offer that is setup on Warrior+ or JVZoo, and it is based on the same information as the Freebie. This is your One Time Offer and it will be sold at around $7 so many of your new subscribers will buy it.

Once they do they will be added to your Buyer List and removed from your lead list.

Now here's the kicker. Both the free product and the paid product will be promoting your business opportunity. (Promotes your offer to both Leads and Buyers)

That's right. Your links will be in BOTH products PLUS you'll be able to send them broadcast messages (and Follow ups) that promote other affiliate products and services. This allows you to 'passively' promote your biz op to them over and over in the signature of each message.

This way whether they buy into your business opportunity from the 2 products or not you will still be promoting it to them passively while actively promoting other offers. Remember, these are buyers so promoting more products to them will make you MORE money :)

NOTE: You DO NOT need to be involved with a Business Opportunity for this to work for you. This will work with ANY Product/Service that you want to passively promote with this package even Affiliate Products will work great. Also this will work WITHOUT a passive promo product.

Either way, You'll be building a list of buyers, adding many of them to your Businesss Opportunity and selling other products to them as well and that's an AWESOME thing!

That's ONE way to do it and I do recommend it but it gets BETTER...

Method 2 - AFFILIATES Promote Your New Funnel (Minus the squeeze page)

This option is the BEST of the two and works like this:

NOTE: Most affiliates DO NOT want to send traffic to your squeeze page so leave that out.

Your OTO paid product is set up on Warrior+ and you pay 100% commission to your affiliates for all sales. This way the affiliates can send their traffic directly to the salespage and get 100% of any sales they make.

Every sale puts a buyer on your list and the product promotes your Business Opportunity :)

This will work on JVZoo too but I recommend Warrior+ because they have a feature called "Affiliate Program Accelerator" which allows Warrior+ to promote/feature your affiliate program to get more affiliates. They will earn 15% on any sales made by affiliates they send to your offer.

So if you don't have any affiliates already they can help you get some and if you do have affiliates they can help get you more! Either way, it's a win-win.

Now with this method you can concentrate on just getting affiliates to promote your offer for you. This can be done in many ways that won't cost you a dime but I won't go into that here.

When affiliates promote your paid product they keep 100% of the sale but you get the buyer on your list and you DID NOT have to send any traffic to acquire them. Now you just let your product and follow up emails get them into your business.

So What EXACTLY Is In This Package?

First let's look at what IS NOT included:

In order for either of the above methods to work you will need a few things in place that are NOT included in this package.

- You need a JVZoo and/or Warrior+ account

- You need a paid autoresponder that will integrate with one or both JVZoo and/or Warrior+

- You need a Business or Premier Paypal account

- A hosting account is preferred but NOT required

If you have those things in place you have everything needed to do this.

Anyway, what you get with this package is as follows:

- I will create your FREE PDF Report lead magnet product exclusively for you

- I will create your Paid PDF Ebook product exclusively for you

- I will create ecover images for both FREE and Paid products

- I will create the Squeeze Page for your free lead magnet product exclusively for you

- I will create the Sales Page for your paid product exclusively for you

- I will create a Download Page for your FREE product

- I will create a Download Page for your Paid product

- I will host your Pages and Product for FREE if you do not have a hosting account

- I will provide you with set up instructions and support if you have any trouble

- I will create your package as quickly as possible (Turn around time average - 7 to 10 days)

That's all there is to it. Let me create your 2 products and all of your pages. This is a super simple system and I will provide you with everything you need to get it set up and running.

NOTE: If needed I will assist you in setting things up for a small additional fee

When you let affiliates send traffic to your offer they are passively promoting your business opportuntiy as well :)

Here's what one Buyer Funnel customer, Stephen de Jager had to say about his:

I did the rough math and think that, to date, I've made about $1500 from that funnel. That includes the $1250 commission from MOBE that came from the link in the ebook!

It was the MOBE Silver Masterclass that paid the $1250 but I've had a bunch of ebook sales (95 I think) from warriorplus.com as well as a good handful before we put it up on W+.

I think I'm going to have to grab another one of those funnels if I can rustle up the coin before you sell out cos that's an incredible return on investment!

I'm definitely keen for another one.

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