If I don't deliver on the following Guarantee's then
I will resend your entire order a 2nd time!


Your Solo will be mailed within 5 days from the time of completed setup
You will receive 50% or MORE tier 1 traffic/clicks
You will receive 10% or MORE over-delivery on your order
You will receive 30% optin conversion for the purchased click amount

There's a HUGE problem with marketing
the MTTB/MOBE opportunity...

As a full-time internet marketer and solo seller for the past 8 years I have seen many money making opportunities come and go but the MTTB/MOBE opportunity just keeps on chugging right along and that's a really good thing.

However, the problem is that most of the folks promoting it are not doing as well as they would like or even if they are, they could be doing way, way better.

Allow me to explain just exactly what I mean.

You see, what used to work really well in the past just doesn't work as well nowadays and many if not most of the folks promoting MTTB/MOBE are doing it half-assed at best. Of course they're not doing it half-assed intentionally. They're only doing what they've been taught but the results are surely half-assed regardless. At least when it comes to using solo ads this is a fact.

I took a few hours this week and looked at the last 100 solo ad orders I have had for MTTB/MOBE and found several serious issues with the way my customers are promoting it.

What I found was way worse than I thought it would be but I wasn't surprised.

Of the last 100 MTTB solo ad customers 73% (an overwhelming 73 out of 100) of these customers used the following squeeze page:


Don't get me wrong here, it's a very good squeeze page but with 73 customers using this page just buying solo ads from me alone it was viewed over 100,000 times!

Now if you think that sounds like a lot, it is but it gets worse because I only went through MTTB solo customers back to the beginning of May 2015. So there's no telling (without hours of research) just exactly how many times this page has been seen by my subscribers alone since it was made available for members to use.

But... it gets worse yet. Think about all of the other solo sellers that have mailed out solo ads sending their subscribers to this same page. Now consider all of the other forms of advertising that has sent folks to the same page.

I think by now you are likely beginning to see the problem here, right?

But the problem gets compounded by the fact that there are many other MTTB/MOBE squeeze pages that get over-used just as much as this one does.

There are just so many people that promote this program that no matter how many pages they make available for you to use in your marketing efforts, they will always quickly become over used and the public becomes ad blind to them very quickly.

Here's what happens: I send a mailing to my list. My subscribers open the email and click the link inside. This takes them to your offer and when the page loads (most MTTB/MOBE pages load very slowly), a huge percentage of them don't even need to read it to know that they have seen it (or a very similar page) before and they click away.

This is due to many reasons such as the colors used to BRAND MTTB/MOBE. They see the red and gray colors and know they've seen "This Opportunity" before. Even if the page is different than the others they have seen in the past they will know that they have seen the offer before without even reading it.

Also, you may see this same effect with a brand new page they provide that has the same color scheme. So even NEW marketing materials that BRAND the offer actually deter you from getting the response you need from these sales materials. Not good :(

This negative branding effect can also be detected even farther by the wording within these pages as well. I have been promoting the MTTB/MOBE opportunity for my solo ad customers since February, 2012 and even back then they used very similer wording within their materials.

How many times have YOU seen these or similar words?

We Guarantee You'll Make A Commission Within 30 Days Of Completing The Steps… Or We'll Pay You $500 In CASH!


Reveals A 21-Step Business System


Deposits $1,000, $3,000$5,000 Commissions Directly Into Your Bank Account!


Business System That Pays $1,250, $3,300, $5,500 Commissions.

So you see, the branding of the system itself is in a way, detrimental to your marketing efforts.

I know that whenever I see these key phrases I know it's MTTB/MOBE no matter what the page looks like. So even when folks take it upon themselves to create their own squeeze pages they tend to use many of the key phrases that describe the systems key benefits and unknowingly sabotage their own marketing efforts.


But wait... There's more!

Yes, unfortunately that is only the tip of the iceberg here. Of the 27 other customers out of the 100 that I looked at, 12 of them sent the solo ad traffic directly to this sale page: (3 did not include the video but the page is otherwise identical)

Now I typically tell my customers to send their solo ad traffic to a squeeze page to capture leads so they can follow up with them later if they choose to not buy right away. However, in the past months there have been so many doing this that I no longer contact the customer to encourage them to use a squeeze page instead. It is very time consuming for me and more than half the time I don't hear back from the customer until after their ad is running if ever. So now I just send the traffic to the sales page as ordered.

To me this is a waste of my traffic source and it's definitely a waste of the customers money.

Here's why: Although the MTTB sales pages are excellent ones I really don't see how they could possibly be effective enough to turn a cold visitor into a customer when they link to order forms like this:



or this:



or this:



Do you see what I mean? To me it is a complete waste of money to send your prospect directly to a sales page that leads to an order form for $1,997 or $2,497. Possibly, you may get an occasional order for $49 but I guarantee it will not be often enough to cover the costs of the solo mailings that bring in the occasional sales.


Going directly for the sale is a no no...

Any marketer should know that the most important thing you can do is capture leads first, then send them to your sales page right?...

... WRONG!

That's what I mean when I say that what used to work just doesn't work as well (or at all) any more. That's exactly what you have likely been taught to do and it used to work very well.


...Nowadays, there's a better way than that when it comes to promoting MTTB/MOBE.

What you need to do is send your prospects first to a squeeze page to collect leads.

Next your new lead should go to a "Bridge Page" after the optin, NOT to a sales page or even a video.

Here's why: When you send your new lead directly to the sales page they don't know who YOU are! How could they know you? Your name is NOT on the squeeze page and it's NOT on the sale page in most cases either!

So what happens is lead has no idea who's list they joined to get to the sales page they ended up on. So now when you send them an email they don't know who you are. They are very likely to hit the unsubscribe link, the SPAM button or at the very least just send you to the trash bin.

The "Bridge Page" takes care of several issues for you including letting your new lead know who you are and what to expect from you such as the email that was likely sent to them when they signed up. You will let them get to know you a bit on this page and if done correctly they will also like you and they will begin to trust you based on the first 2 factors.

So first they "know" who you are. Then they "like" you for taking the time to introduce yourself and explaining what you have to offer to them and this leads to "trust" which is the ingredient most needed to get your lead to take action when they end up on a page that has a $2497 order form on it. :)


I discovered the problem so I had to discover the solution as well

After seeing what I have discussed above I was very disturbed by the facts and decided that not only do I need to help my solo customers promote MTTB/MOBE more effectively but I also need to help my subscribers by keeping them from having to see the same old tired pages time and time again.

This is a win-win-win because you win by getting better results from your solo ads and better results from your leads when you email them, my subscribers are not forced to see the same old pages over and over again so they respond better to my messages and I will get more repeat business from my happy solo ad customers. That means YOU! :)

So the solution is pretty simple. I create your very own unique squeeze page for you and I create your very own get to know, like and trust me Bridge Page as well.

The Squeeze Page will be fresh to my subscribers and I will NOT use the MTTB/MOBE branding colors or wording that they have seen to death.

The Bridge Page will introduce you to your new leads, inform them of what you have to offer and get them to like and trust you before sending them off to your favorite MTTB sales page.


This solution has EVEN more to offer...

When I first came up with this solution I thought it was great for all of the reasons above and that's true but it also opened up the door for something that I have wanted to do for years now.

If I create the Squeeze Page and Bridge Page for you and I host it for you then I can track the optins for you. What this means is that for the first time ever I can offer a Guaranteed Conversion Rate!

You see, the reason I could never offer guaranteed optin conversions before is because I had no way to track the optins myself. This puts me at the mercy of my customers and I would have to take their word for it that they did or did not get the guaranteed percentage of subscribers.

So you can see how that was NEVER an option from my stand point.

But if I host the squeeze page and the bridge page I will be able to accurately track how many optin subscribers you get from the campaign. therefore I can guarantee an optin conversion rate risk free for everyone!


Here's what you get:

Unique Squeeze Page created and hosted for you
Unique Bridging Page created and hosted for you
Guaranteed 30% optin conversion rate

Get 50% or MORE Top Tier Traffic/Clicks

Get 10% or MORE over-delivery
Your ad mailed within 5 days (once pages are ready)
Have my ENTIRE Standard Buyers List included
Get LIVE Click Action Tracking (Live Stats)

Available Solo Ad Packages

    How to order:

    (NOTE: A PAID Autoresponder account is required. No free autoresponders will work with this funnel setup.)

  1. Simply choose a package below and click the Buy Now button
  2. Create an account or Check Out as a guest (creating an account is simply creating a password, then you can login to see your order history and streamline future orders, etc.)
  3. After the purchase you will receive an email receipt.

    I will contact you within 24 hours with details about how to proceed with the creation of your pages and
    to get your offer information.

    I look forward to working with you on your promotion and improving your results!

Guaranteed MTTB Solo Ads

- Mailed in 5 days (Once Pages are Created)
- Have my ENTIRE Buyers List included
- Receive 50% or MORE Top Tier Clicks
- LIVE Click Action Tracking (Live Stats)
- Receive 10% or MORE Over-Delivery
- Have ALL clicks delivered within 48 hours
- Get 30% Optin Conversion Guaranteed


200 Click Guaranteed MTTB Solo
Your investment per click - Just .80cpc
Get 60 Guaranteed Optin Subscribers

Only $160


500 Click Guaranteed MTTB Solo
Your investment per click - Just .75cpc
Get 150
Guaranteed Optin Subscribers

Only $375


1000 Click Guaranteed MTTB Solo
Your investment per click - Just .70cpc
300 Guaranteed Optin Subscribers

Only $700

Just Look at What My Customers Are Saying...


...You have really set my offer apart from
anything anyone else has done...

Wow and wow.

This is simply incredible.  I cannot thank you enough for putting all of this work into helping me out--yes I know I paid for it, but still this is more than I was expecting! Everything looks fantastic.

I really hope this has positive results as I want to partner with someone that has a service like you do, for the long term.  I've tried so many other solos with nothing to show for it (no pressure...) And sure most has to do with a ton of others doing the same thing, but you have really set my offer apart from anything anyone else has done.  So sincerely, I really thank you.

~ R. Lucas-Clark


...I got an optin rate of 40% and the recurring
monthly product $97 converted at 3%...

Hey Phillip, I thought I'd let you know the stats of our solo. I got an optin rate of 40% and the recurring monthly product $97 converted at 3%. Thanks so much!


~ Reed Floren


...Way over-delivered!...

Good transaction. Way over-delivered!


~ Nicole Dean


...Your solo ad has given me the income of 550 dollars...

Your solo ad has given me the income of 550 dollars. This is the first time I've made money on the internet. I'm a newbie. I've tried a solo ad from several people but none have provided any results.

I'm so glad I have found a serious guy like you. I will only work with you in the future.

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaanks again.

Kaare Moen


...I ordered 350 clicks and received around 370 for
a conversion of 42% and 155 subscribers so far...

"Phillip is a Traffic Whiz! I ordered 350 clicks and received around 370 for a conversion of 42% and 155 subscribers so far. Now, that's what I call QUALITY Traffic. Phillip is very personable, quick and professional. There's not too many Solo Ad Providers out there that I trust, but Phillip is the REAL deal and if you want subscribers, signups and sales. I highly recommend you give his Solo Ad service a try."

Terrance Charles


...Phil was extremely professional, very helpful
and his list was really responsive!...

Great seller! Phil was extremely professional, very helpful and his list was really responsive! Overdelivered on the clicks, got a lot of sign ups, and even better quite a number of sales. Will definitely be buying again!

~ Mary Lawrance


...He is quite simply in tune with his clients,
and he always delivers - plus...

Follow Philip Brewer. Stay with him. He is quite simply in tune with his clients, and he always delivers -plus. Phillip: All my thanks for everything!

~ Dave Merrington


...I must say your Solo Ad Services is exceptional...

Thanks for the great service. I must say your Solo Ad Services is exceptional. I will gladly refer you to my friends.

Sepehr Barekat


...This is beyond expectation. Thank you so much...

Day one of the solo ad promotion and already 36 opt ins...wow!

This is beyond expectation. Thank you so much. I shall be calling back again and again with these results after only one day.

Warren Breakwell


...Looks like about a 59% optin rate with
$180 in sales on the OTO. Awesome!...

The solo went great on my end! Looks like about a 59% optin rate with $180 in sales on the OTO. Awesome!

~ Jonathan Right


... I have definitely made my money back here and
then some. Your list is wonderfully responsive...

"Okay I had to update you. I have over 80 leads. I have definitely made my money back here and then some. Your list is wonderfully responsive. Thanks for offering such a tremendous value. I will absolutely be back again."

~ Susanna Fera


...Phil is cool to work with, fast response to any
of my questions and over-delivers...

"Phil is cool to work with, fast response to any of my questions and over-delivers. I got the 200 click solo, he sent over 350 clicks and 121 leads. I am very happy with the results.

~ Jonathan


...Awesome is the only word I can use
to describe Phillip's service...

"Bought 50 but delivered 152!! WOW!! Awesome is the only word I can use to describe Phillip's service. Highly recommended.

~ Mugu Andy


...I highly recommend it...

Good Traffic, nice optin rate, Over-delivered. I highly recommend it.

~ Enzo Reyn


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